Alysha has studied improv at The Second City and The Pit.

Her comedy writing has been shaped by the brilliant and twisted minds of teachers Ali Farahnakian, Tamara Federici and Ethan T. Berlin. She studied screenwriting at UCLA and is a graduate of the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (well, la di dah).

While living in London, she worked with David Yates (Dir: Harry Potter), Nick Broomfield (Dir: Kurt & Courtney) and Luke Redgrave (Dir: Strangers).  Her performances have taken her to the stages of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Venice Biennale and the BBC comedy favorite, Chico’s Cherubs (WGA). Through her work in film, she is a proud member of BAFTA.

She is currently developing a new web series, short film and culture/art/fashion website. Yes, even funny girls need to get dressed, in clean clothes, to visit their favorite (UK) art gallery (USA).

A member of the WGA, she has been a judge for the New Media category and more importantly, the judge of beer and cupcakes at Sweet Revenge. NB the cupcake to beer ratio. It’s called priorities, people.


Contact: alysha.westlake[at]gmail{.}com

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